MDMA to sustain clinical research

We believe MDMA represents a monumental opportunity for the clinical treatment of several conditions, and we want to ensure researchers have a steady, safe, and accessible supply of clinical grade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API).

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PharmAla Biotech was formed by a devoted team of biomanufacturing, regulatory and financial professionals, driven by the belief that MDMA shows clinical promise as a treatment for numerous disorders.

Our Research and Development team is engaged in preclinical research on 2 of our novel chemical entities, with the goal of increasing the safety of LaNeo™ MDMA and its analogs.

Why PharmAla is Different

We are researching novel formulation methods and delivery pathways to ensure that the LaNeo™ MDMA developed by the company can be delivered by researchers and clinicians with the greatest safety, while reducing cost.

The Highest Standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of compliance and rigour in our sourcing processes.

Safety is Our Priority

PharmAla is one of only a small number of companies which is working to improve the molecule’s safety.

Best-in-class Laboratories

We work with established, best-in-class laboratories across Canada to develop novel processes.

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Our clinical grade
LaNeo™ MDMA product

PharmAla Biotech is the only company currently sourcing finished, clinical grade LaNeo™ MDMA Drug Product in North America. PharmAla’s drug API is encapsulated under GMP conditions, and is available to entities who have Controlled Substances licenses, Section 56 Ministerial Exemptions, or Clinical Trial numbers within Canada. Drug Product can also be exported for use by clinical trial practitioners globally, subject to the issuance of import and export permit.

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Our Business Line

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Our Business Line


Off-patent, generic

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Molecule one


North Americas’ only supplier of GMP, Clinical grade MDMA for Clinical Trials

Molecule Two


2 Novel Chemical Entities patented, 3 additional entities in PharmAla’s drug pipeline. Improved toxicology with a simplified path to regulatory approval.



Formulation development capabilities; New use cases for existing and novel molecules.

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